Combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) One Hunt At A Time
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HWAH Staff


Co-Host and CEO, RON GOODING: Ron lives in Hope Mills, NC but was raised in Moncks Corner, SC. He is an avid Hunter and fisherman but cherishes the moment to teach and mentor those who have never had the opportunity to hunt.  He is the 15th original member of the SC Bow Hunters Association and has harvested White Tail, Mule Deer, Antelope, Eastern and Osceola Turkeys Wild Boar and loves Duck and Upland Bird Hunting as well.  His tenaciousness and non-stop high speed on the go mentality has earned him the nick-name "RITALIN". Ron is an active member of Light house Baptist Church in Hope Mills, where he serves GOD as a minister of music. 

"I believe that we are to be thankful for all that we have had, currently have and expect to have." 1 Thessalonians 5: 15-17 says "REJOICE EVERMORE, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING , IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS, FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS CONCERNING YOU." " In other words be thankful for the good times and the bad." 


Co-Host and President, BILL DALLIS: Bill Dallis lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bill is  a business man and avid hunter. Bill brings experience and skills to the HWAH team. He has been sponsored by PSE Archery and is a Senior Pro Staff Archer for them. Bill has also had parts in video trips with North Woods Adventures TV. Bill currently holds THREE World Record #1 kills with a bow in Africa. Currently, Bill can be seen in “Hunting with a Hero” with Ron Gooding and in his own show “Road to Nambia” which is in post production at this time.


Executive Vice President, Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia: Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia is most notably known for his amazing knock-out power in the ring. But, his remarkable dedication to our soldiers is twice as strong! Tim has trophy's to boast of on all of the walls at his lodge, but when you talk one on one, his biggest trophy is the one he puts a soldier on when they get their first deer or turkey...especially with a bow.  Tim is as dedicated and selfless as they come and is not just a guest, he has been a part of Team Hunting With A Hero before we were a year old.


Pro Staff Member/ Videographer, CHRIS WATERS: Chris Waters was born August 17,1980 in the town of Lakeland, Florida. He is a proud husband married to Bridgette Waters. They have two beautiful daughters, Kelsey (9) and Kylie (7). Chris went to South Florida community College. Many people may know Chris for his baseball career and his role as last starting pitcher ever in the old Yankee stadium. But he takes even more pride in being a part of Hunting with a Hero. "There is nothing that can describe the feeling I get when seeing the soldiers get their first deer." He enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time away from baseball. Chris holds this verse close to his heart...Phil 4:13 "We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us."


Senior Pro Staff Member/ Videographer, JEFFREY ERVIN: Jeffrey has three state records and has won numerous state and national tournaments. He has traveled all over the United States with his archery competition and worked on staff for Hoyt, Bowtech, Mathews and currently on staff for PSE. Unfortunately, with a change in career and responsibilities to his family, Jeffrey is unable to compete as he once did. Jeffrey's passion is bow hunting and archery, whether it is deer, turkey or hogs. "There is no other feeling you get when you're at full draw and you know you have to make that perfect shot." Jeffrey loves the swamps of the Low Country, especially sitting against a cypress tree calling in a big old long beard. If he's not in the swamps of the Low Country, one of Jeffrey's favorite places to hunt is Ohio because "of the rolling hardwoods hills and monster bucks. You know God had to have a hand in creating this." There is one thing that Jeffrey always tries to remember and that is "for with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37  This has been his motto throughout his life and archery career.


Chief Financial Officer, DENNIS KIMREY: Dennis is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and a business man.  Dennis lives in Bonneau, SC and is a proven Bow Hunter and die hard bow fishing NUT.   His devotion to GOD and desire to provide for the less fortunate has led him to start a ministry that provides venison to food kitchens in the SC area.


New England Area Director, Johnnie Red WalkerJohnnie calls Rhode Island home for living and the great outdoors home for everything else. His role with HWAH goes beyond hunting. Johnnie is the lifeline of product support for HWAH.  His dedication to the service members of our great nation is what brought him to our team.  “I love what you are doing for the soldiers and want to be a part of this! What you are doing is great, I am glad you started this!” Well Johnnie, so are we and you are part of our success.


Southwest Regional Area Director, Gary SteensgarrdGary is the director of the Southwest regional area for hunting with a hero. Gary is in charge of our operations in New Mexico Colorado Missouri Nevada Utah and Texas.

Pro Staff/ Videographer, Aaron Webb: Aaron was found through his video series submitted to HWAH that demonstrated his hunting abilities and eye for professionally videoing hunts. His support to the organization is evident in his time spent with soldiers and other heroes away from home. Aaron has helped to raise thousands of dollars for his local Wounded Warrior chapter and is an integral part of this organization.


VP of Public Relations and Financial Services, WENDY DENNIS: Wendy grew up in Moncks Corner hunting and fishing and loves the outdoors.  Wendy joined the staff of HWAH to give back to the soldiers who protect us both at home and abroad.  When asked who her hero was, her response was "the American Soldier"!


Military Liaison, JERRY (JAKE) JACOBITZ: Our ability to fill the soldiers hunting slots is due to the dedication and hard work of people who believe in our mission and have seen it in action. Jake is our lifeline to the soldiers and our Texas outreach volunteer.

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