Combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) One Hunt At A Time
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Overview of Unmet Need/Problem Statement
The current issue that Hunting With A Hero® is addressing is the lack of support for the entire service member's family in dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When a service member is treated for PTSD, often times they will not go due to the feeling that they are looked upon as "crazy" and other times they are given drugs to sedate them and sent to a counselor to listen who has no idea the severity of PTSD or even how to treat PTSD. The main underlying problem is that the family is not getting treated. The spouse and child need to understand why the service member is acting the way they are, and the service member needs to know how the spouse and children are being affected by their disorder. We want to build a "Non-Hospital Ward" type facility free for the entire family to heal at, at no cost to them outside every U.S. military installation. That is a $1 Billion dollar goal.

Project/Program Purpose
At Hunting With A Hero®, our goal is to overcome the pent up aggression by pairing service members with civilians who care enough to take the time to just listen and in turn share their knowledge of the outdoors and enjoy both a hunting experience and a new friendship with them. This alone will not fix PTSD, but will allow the service member to get away from the hustle and bustle of the military and all it has that recalls the events that caused the PTSD. This outdoor experience brings wildlife conservation efforts into the service members vision allowing them to see how they can in turn use this type of experience to get away. The major components of our mission and goal are the natural outdoors and the facilities we plan to build. The facilities will cost $5 million dollars each and are already designed, with each facility consisting of a 10,000 sq./ft. "pavilion" and "log cabin" residencies for the entire family to heal at. The mission plan is to have the military insurance provider "TRI-CARE" pay for the visit and the Licensed Psychiatrist renting the offices. The entire family will be treated together, followed by marital counseling, finished up with one on one, deeper counseling. While the couple is in session, the children will play in a gymnasium style area. Once the spouse comes out, (s)he can enjoy coffee time at the built in bistro. The land acreage will be large enough to utilize equestrian outings, the Future Farmers of America can farm it and 4H clubs can assist in the youth activities to include fishing. There will be no television or phones except in the "Pavilion" to insure the families have uninterrupted time together.

Proposed Program Location
All States

Summary of Benefits/Outcomes
Hunting With A Hero® major program outcomes are, wellness for the entire family, new wildlife and environmental conservationists and an involved and growing understanding of how PTSD affects everyone in the family with the anticipated benefits for the target population being an improved and healed individual and family relationship.

Overview of Organizational Capacity
The Hunting With A Hero® mission is supported by this program in that the facilities are rented by the practitioners in turn maintaining the complex grounds, the already overwhelming support of the community in our project hunts to join a soldier (252 new hunters in just 4 years) shows the communities desire to assist. Hunting With A Hero® 's organization's strengths come from professional hunters and prior service staff members who have direct and firsthand knowledge of how PTSD affects them and how becoming a conservationist through hunting can help ease the anguish and ensure a positive outcome. Hunting With A Hero® 's key personnel are first and foremost the service men and women we have taken into the woods for the past 4 years! The staff members are professional hunters, prior service men and women, professional fighters and baseball players who can attest to what Hunting With A Hero® has done and can accomplish. The supporting conservationists include the National Wild Turkey Federation's National Headquarters and land donors such as the South Carolina Forestry Commission and local land owners across the United States.

Ron Gooding, CEO, Masters of Science in Strategic Mgmt/ Human Resources: Veteran, Prior Wal-Mart Asst. Manager in SC.
Bill Dallis, President, Professional Hunter and Archer with PSE Archery, Builder/ General Contractor.
Tim Sylvia, Professional Hunter, 5 time UFC Heavy Weight Champion of the World.
Dennis Kimrey, CFO, Veteran, Business owner, lifetime hunter.
Wendy Dennis, Accounting and Business, MBA
Jeffery Ervin, Senior Pro-staff, Top ranked archer in SC.
Chris Waters, Professional Baseball Player, Pro-staff
Spencer Farmer, Veteran, Gulf Coast Area Coordinator.
Russ Brown, Veteran, South Carolina Area Coordinator.
Johnnie Walker, Veteran, New England Area Coordinator.
Jerry Jacobitz, Veteran, West Texas Area Coordinator.
William Gooding, Veteran, Logistics/ camp life.
Brett Spencer, Logistics/ camp life.

NON Discrimination Policy:
Hunting With A Hero® (HWAH®) prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any volunteer or any applicant for employment or benefit or outing because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. All personnel who are responsible for supporting and promoting HWAH® and its events and for the development and implementation of HWAH® programs or activities are charged to support this effort and to respond promptly and appropriately to any concerns that are brought to their attention.
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